Drenches for Dorpers | Dorpers at Camira Downs

Naphthalophos. Effect against Barbers pole and varying success on black scour and small brown stomach worms. Products – Rametin®, Combat®, Pole-Vault® Triclabendazole. Effective against Liver fluke. Several strains of Fluke have been discovered with resistance. Products – Fasinex®, Flukare® Nitroxynil. This is an injectable product for both Barbers pole worm and Liver fluke. Products Two approaches which rely on drug use are the use of mixtures (e.g. two of a BZ, LEV and naphthalophos) or reducing the frequency of treatment by adopting curative rather than strategic control. Mixtures are most effective in delaying resistance when parasites are susceptible to both compounds, but in most cases mixtures were used after resistance to at least one class had developed. As a

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