Linq's InsertOnSubmit not added to changeset

Django models: Aggregate Sum over multiple foreign key field values Linq Card, Add 2 to your cart to get one FREE! NFC embedded and QR-equipped, scratch- resistant polyvinyl. With your Linq Card, instantly share: contact info social Get a Room at The Linq Hotel And Casino Las Vegas. Book Online or by Phone. Linq App, The sleekest sharing card on the planet. (join the waitlist by clicking Notify When Available Kinds of Aggregate function: AVG() - Returns the average value COUNT() - Returns the number of rows MAX() - Returns the largest value MIN() - Returns the smallest value SUM() - Returns the sum; In this article illustrates an example on 'SQL Aggregate Queries'. To understand example we create a table 'Student ' with required field names and “Microsoft original motivation behind LINQ was to address the impedance mismatch between programming languages and database. ” LINQ has a great power of querying on any source of data, data source could be the collections of objects, database or XML files. We can easily retrieve data from any object that implements the IEnumerable<T> interface. Microsoft basically divides LINQ into three LINQ Lambda Group con Sum (3) Ciao, posso farlo nella sintassi del metodo, ma sto cercando di migliorare le mie abilità lambda come posso fare: SELECT SUM ([job_group_quota]) as 'SUM' FROM [dbo].[tbl_job_session] WHERE [job_group_job_number] = @jobnum and [job_group_ID] like @sess GROUP BY [job_group_job_number] Ho fatto un po 'di casino ma non riesco a farlo bene. lnq. tbl_job_sessions Frankly speaking, if someone in my team wrote those LINQ statements, I would kill him. Using LINQ on this, you just complicated the simple task. I tried to reconstruct it using simple C#, but yet I am still not sure if it's correct.

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