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A shopping center in walking distance of Red Rock Casino. Downtown Summerlin

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If you’re near Summerlin, Official Knights @ Sharks watch party is poolside @ Red Rock Casino!

Pretty fitting, sitting by the water watching the Knights go fishing. It’s free too.
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I work at the redrock station casino in Vegas and I see oj all the time. He lives like 3 miles from me in summerlin.

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Development next to South Summerlin Mall/Red Rock Casino

Any idea what that's going to be? Sorry for being misinformed thus far.
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Help a Senior in high school look for his 1st job? Summerlin Area(Spec. Red rock casino)

Hey all, i posted here a while back, i think a week or so ago, but thats off topic. I posted here in help of searching for a job since i really want to start saving up money since college is around the corner. I'm mostly looking into the summerlin area near red rock casino. If any info is needed :
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Welcoming any advice for someone moving to Las Vegas

I'm moving to Las Vegas in a few months and I have began looking for apartments. I'll be taking tours later this month and am looking for the local point of view. I am working remote so I am not tied to a specific area of the city. What areas would you suggest for someone moving here? (I'm not moving here for the casinos and the strip so no need to factor the tourist component)
If anyone has any red flags or advice for me it is welcomed.
From what I've read Green Valley/Summerlin/Henderson/Seven Hills/Spring Valley/Whitney Ranch seem like a good area to look in to and I have found promising apartments and what looks like decent areas.
However I haven't found much praise for the north half of Vegas as well as Downtown.
I've found several places for 1k-1.4k a month which is good but I know very little about the areas outside of demographics and stats.
Thank you in advance!
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Best food spots (preferably local and Lowkey) to eat at in Vegas? Me and my girlfriend will be there in July and as a chef I want to experience all the food culture Vegas has to offer besides buffets and $100 plates of food.
Thank you for any answers! And I understand if there’s some gems locals want to keep to themselves.
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Moving to the area in about a year or so...

Looking for insight from some Vegas locals. I'll preface the question by giving as much data as seems salient.
1) No, I'm not moving there for at least 12 months. No worries about my bringing COVID from Florida. Also, I'm used to insanely hot summers, so the heat from June-Sept is no deterrent at all.
2) It will be just myself and the Mrs. - both in our late 40s. No kids, so schools are irrelevant.
3) We will both be working remotely, so home to work commute is a non-factor.
4) I make a comfortable low 6 figure salary, so while I am certainly not wealthy, I can afford something in a neighborhood that isn't downtrodden.
5) We're looking for a single-family home or condo/townhouse in a decent area, 2 or 3 bedrooms. We don't need a ton of space, so we're looking in the 1,000-2,000 sq ft range. I won't spend in excess of $300K, and would prefer more like $250K-$275K so I can pay it off faster and retire.
6) We are decidedly NOT elitists and don't give a tin s#$% about being able to "say we live in Summerlin" (for example.) I'm not the type to pay for name recognition or whatever "status" comes with living in a certain area. I'm far more comfortable hanging out at a sports bar and knocking back $3 Bud bottles than sitting in some hip nightclub, drinking a $1,000 bottle of Grey Goose. I find the latter both wasteful and nauseating.
7) We both like to gamble from time to time, but we're very much the low-stakes type. In other words, I'm not going to be hanging out on the Strip. Give me a $5 blackjack table with a 3-2 payout and a steady stream of beers/well drinks and I'm a happy guy. You are NEVER going to find me at the Wynn playing $20 a hand and getting 6-5. A few locals casinos in the area would be a huge plus.
8) We do like to eat out from time to time - a good steakhouse, some sushi, seafood, Italian, etc. We also get take out pretty frequently. Some options of that ilk nearby would be another huge plus.
9) Pursuant to #7 and #8, we'd prefer not to be in the middle of nowhere to the point that we'd have to drive 20 minutes to get to a good casino or restaurant. I'd like to have a wealth of options close by if at all possible.
10) We're not super active, but do enjoy a nice walk or bike ride now and again, so some parks/trails nearby would be nice. We like to camp/hike occasionally and aren't boat people, so it seems proximity to Red Rock Canyon rather than Lake Mead would be a plus, but certainly not a deal-breaker either way.
Now, I'm aware that threads like this pop up all the GD time. I've read 90% of them, so there's no need to go through the regular motions. I've already gathered - or at least, I've read - some facts about each area. Summerlin, I understand, is very nice and self contained. My only concerns about it are fees out the wazoo, annoying HOAs, and snooty people. Maybe this only applies to certain subsections. This is the kind of info I'm fishing for. Centennial sounds really nice, but kind of far away from most of the action (see #9.) Henderson seems like it might be a good choice, but there seem to be a lot of areas to look into - I still am a little unclear on the differences between Green Valley Ranch and Green Valley South, is Seven Hills part of Anthem, or is the latter its own entity, etc. I believe I've seen enough to rule out the northern and eastern portions of the Metro area. Southwest/Southern Highlands, I haven't read as much about.
I plan to fly out late this year (hopefully after this mess has died down) and check some of these areas out in person to try to get a feel for them, but I'm not sure how much you can gather in a day. I'll find out, I guess. What I'm really asking here is - can anyone tell me what areas it may sound like I'm describing with the facts above? Are there any particular neighborhoods (like Peccole Ranch or Silverado Ranch for example, rather than just "Summerlin" or "Henderson") that I should check out? Thanks so much in advance for your advice/insight.
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[KRIMEWAVE] Conviva Las Vegas <2020-09-18>

Name of Run:
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Social Distancing in Vegas Arcades

New York New York:
Circus Circus:
UPDATE 6/13/20
Excalibur Fun Dungeon

If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer (not have to be arcade related, mainly strip and downtown). I was there this weekend and it was surprisingly really quiet. I did not visit the Summerlin Dave & Busters location though. For gambling, I did prefer the MGM locations since they had the extra handwash stations on the floor. I hate that a lot of slots were disabled, and would've rather them remove chairs instead of disabling games.
Same tags they used on the Slot Machines. New York New York casino.
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July 4th fireworks show at Red Rock Resort canceled in Las Vegas

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I am once again asking for DD advice for Las Vegas

I watch so many YouTube videos on not being a clown to DD but out here in Vegas I feel like the people are cheap or something everything is so damm spread out, out here every order is pretty much empty miles back to the restaurant areas I can hardly land even a $1.00 to every mile ratio and since it sends you so far out from the food places you pretty much only should accept 2$ a mile but then at that point I feel like I’d be sitting out in my car wasting gas since it’s 110 degrees endlessly declining offers I’m not going to sit in my hot car with no AC running fuck that any other Vegas dashers on here that can give me advice or tips I see that the Twain area is always offering a peak pay compared to other areas of town but come on man that’s the main giant strip casino areas and also in that area is just a ton of ghetto people section 8 housing assisted living just a ghetto village kind of road there would be zero tips there then I’ve tested out the Henderson sunset station area with that cluster of food places and once again the same problem is dollars to miles you get a offer there then it sends you 5miles away way deep in a big housing community and if that’s not a 10$ offer just such a waste to accept it any advice? I’ve never tried north town or mountains edge area or summerlin I live on the east side of town so those areas would have to be worth the 30min drive just to get over to them
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Jan. 14 - NV News - 19 Paywall article links in text post: Elko property tax assessments increase; Responsible gaming funds spent; Alpine motel fire risk inspection gap; US v. NV plutonium suit; CCSD phasing out dean positions; Poll - Biden fav in NV but Sanders gaining; Opinions on addicts and more

The following news headlines come from sources which may limit or restrict access to those with a paid subscription.
Elko Daily Free Press
Campaign statement: Attorney challenges Simons for third district judge seat
Elko County property tax assessments rise
Eureka Sentinel
New traffic laws take effect in 2020
Las Vegas Review Journal
PSL sales at Raiders’ Las Vegas Stadium soar $228M over projections
ADL Nevada to offer free classes on bullying for parents
Study: Most states spend allocated funding on responsible gaming
Did a gap in fire inspections put Alpine apartments at risk?
Ex-Clark County School District spokeswoman announces bid for board
After roughly a century, bighorn sheep return to Pyramid Lake
Parents oppose Summerlin middle school’s proposed zoning change
Raiders stadium roof won’t be done until May; facility’s summer opening on track
Las Vegas Sun
President’s fear and hate of refugees not in line with Nevadans’ values - Editorial
U.S. says Nevada misrepresenting facts in plutonium fight
Months after dean positions were saved in Las Vegas schools, district phasing them out
Nevada Appeal
Architect solving problems at Carson City School District site
Carson Tahoe Health’s Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center honored by Human Services Network
Reno Gazette Journal
RGJ Poll: Biden remains Democrats' favorite in Nevada, but Sanders gaining
Home means Nevada to me, but what about addicts? | Bertolina - Opinion
Our New Year's resolution: ending homelessness in Reno-Sparks | Kazmierski - Opinion
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Just moved here: Where do local women hang out?

I am a 36 year old single male. I just moved from San Diego two weeks ago. I am used to seeing ladies everywhere. At the beach, downtown, at stop lights, yoga, name it.
I live in Summerlin which is a nice area but it feels like a retirement community. I have gone to a few casinos in the area, again, retirement community and mostly men.
I know the strip is not where the locals hang out. So where is a good place to socialize and hang out and not feel totally out of place? I have been searching yelp and reddit and can't seem to crack the code.
I typically enjoy dive bars, music venues and I enjoy going to Electronic music festivals. I will be going to EDC.
I spoke with one friendly female bartender on the strip who was around my age and almost feel tempted to go all the way back there for some social interaction.
Thanks in advance for the help.
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Getting to Aviators Game from the strip

My fiancee and I will be in Vegas for our honeymoon in a few weeks and the Aviators happen to be hosting the Round Rock Express while we're there. We're from Houston, and they are one of our farm teams with some great prospects and we'd love to catch one of the games while we're there if possible. The tickets are definitely in our price range, but we're staying basically on the strip (Signature at MGM) are not planning on renting a car. Does anyone know the best way to get from the strip to the stadium? Google maps says public transportation would be 1.5 hours, which is definitely too long for us. I'm guessing it's going to be Uber, but I figured I'd ask the locals and see if it's even worth trying to get to the other side of town for a game too.
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Superbowl in Summerlin help

First year here in Vegas. I have 3 friends flying in Superbowl Sunday morning and I'd like to find the best spot to grab a table and enjoy the game. I need a table for 5 including two wives who aren't big drinkers. Does anyone have advice or experience for which bar or casino would be the best place to set up for the game in Summerlin?
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Ranking All UFC Events Via Their Reported Attendance Numbers!

Ranking - Event - Location @ Venue - Attendance

These Events Have No Reported Attendance Record

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Looking for nice, clean apartments to move too

Hey yall
Ill be moving to Las Vegas in August and Im looking for a nice apartment to move too. Im looking for nice, clean, safe apartment in a good location. Ive read so many yelp reviews on apartments and seems like everyone gets their cars broken into in the parking lot or theres just trash all over the complex, shady people walking around, etc etc. Ill basically have to pick an apartment without being able to look at it in person.
Looking for 2bd but I can do 1bd if it is really good and my budget would be around $1800 ish max but would prefer to keep it around $1500ish. Also Ill be working in North Las Vegas close to the Santa Fe station and casino so would prefer to keep my commute to at least under 30 minutes , hopefully 20. Also not looking to buy a house! Im only looking for a 12 month lease and than I can decide later if I want to purchase.

So far I like Inspirado and Estancia apartments and North Tribeca apartments. I visited North Tribeca in person when I was in Vegas and really liked it and was pretty set on it but when I looked at the reviews online they were terrible so now Im second guessing that decision. I looked at two apartment complexes in Summerlin and while the neighborhood was nice, the actually apartment complexes were not that nice especially for the price.

Thanks for your help!
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Possibly Moving To Vegas

OK sorry but lets try this again. So in the near future I might possibly be moving to Vegas. No official job offer yet but they are flying me out for an in person interview within the next two weeks. I have been to Vegas before but only weekend trips to the strip. While I am there I am planning to explore beyond the strip to get a feel for if I can actually live there. What are the pros and cons of living in Las Vegas? What are things someone moving there should know? I am also planning on checking out neighborhoods and apartment complexes. The position would be at Caesars and I would want to minimize my commute as much as possible. I am also into outdoor activities so would not want to be far from Red Rocks. I would be moving from NYC and am used to walking/taking public transportation everywhere with bars and restaurants right out the door. I know this isn't really possible in LV but are there any semi-walk-able neighbors with hip restaurants and bars. So what neighborhoods should I check out? If someone could recommend specific apartment complexes that would be awesome. I am 31 year old male would be living alone.
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Creative Moving to Vegas | Looking to Network

Hey, what’s up everybody?! I’m moving to Vegas from the East Coast (Maryland aka DMV) and could use some insights on the creative community. Originally I’m from Colorado and used to live in Los Angeles, but I’m recently divorced, I work at a casino doing social media, and I’m just ready for a fresh start!
What’s the scene like for video editors and photographers out there? I’d love to click with some dope people and make some connections before i get there. I dabble in video editing, photography, branding, graphic design, and I used to do social media for A tv network and global media content creation is my career right now.
Also, is Summerlin a good spot for creatives? I enjoy doing nature photography and want to live somewhere with easy access to scenic views.
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Recommendations for kosher restaurants in Las Vegas? (X/post /r/vegas)

I'll be visiting Las Vegas at the end of October for five days.
I'm not super observant, but I only eat kosher meat. I'll be fine eating at non-kosher restaurants around the city, but it would be really awesome to have a fleishig meal.
I'll be staying on the strip because I am a dirty, dirty tourist. Close to the strip would be preferable, but it's not essential. I'm O.K. with either hole in the wall type places as well as fancier ones, though I don't want to spend more than $100 for a meal for two, including cab fare.
I did a cursory Google search, but it's hard to tell if the places are good just from listings, and some menus don't have prices.
Thanks for the advice!
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THE LAS VEGAS STRIP vs SUMMERLIN ** CASINO SHOWDOWN ... INSIDE THE RAMPART CASINO LAS VEGAS - YouTube Winning at the SUNCOAST CASINO in Summerlin at the buffalo slot 1100 times my bet Rampart Casino Summerlin's Best Bet - YouTube Downtown Summerlin & Red Rock Resort In Las Vegas - YouTube Red Rock Casino...a BILLION dollar casino for locals - YouTube Market Place Buffet at Rampart Casino Summerlin Las Vegas NV Summerlin Sun Coast Casino & Golf Course

International Casino Review. Euromat Webinar attracts key thought leaders and opinion formers Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Summerlin sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Summerlin in höchster Qualität. Rampart Casino at the Resort at Summerlin. The 50,000-square-foot Rampart Casino, part of the 50-acre Resort at Summerlin property, houses 1,255 electronic gaming machines, 22 table games and a ... Rampart Casino and The Resort at Summerlin in Las Vegas is an award-winning resort and casino destination. Experience the total vacation package including the best in gaming excitement, championship golf courses and live entertainment, to luxurious amenities, beautiful hotel rooms, and world-class restaurants. We have plenty of Summerlin casino hotels you can pick from. Find the Best Summerlin Casino Hotel. Are you wondering where the hottest tables are or what Summerlin hotel has the best endless buffet? (Winning tons of money playing cards can really work up an appetite.) Summerlin saw plenty of visitors last year, and you can find helpful tips in our review section. Having said all that, casino ... summerlin casino Home is Wide Open Spaces and The Widest Selection of New Homes. Nestled in the foothills and ridges on the western rim of the Las Vegas valley, adjacent to the internationally renowned Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, is a 22,500-acre master-planned community that offers open spaces, glistening views of the Las Vegas Strip and the most diverse collection of housing ... Die Geschichte von Summerlin beginnt 1952 und ist vom umtriebigen Geschäftsmann, Piloten und Casino-Mogul Howard Hughes geprägt. Ihm wurde mit „Aviator“ sogar ein Film mit Leonardo DiCaprio in der Hauptrolle gewidmet. Best Casino Hotels in Summerlin (Las Vegas) on Tripadvisor: Find 5,982 traveler reviews, 3,263 candid photos, and prices for casino hotels in Summerlin (Las Vegas), NV. Summerlin is Las Vegas’ premier urban and residential community nestled against the breathtaking Red Rock National Conservation Area. Meet The Builders Summerlin has an all-star roster of national homebuilders, which has long been a part of the community’s development mantra, ensuring that quality, innovative, and progressive home design remains a community hallmark. Best Casinos in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV - Suncoast Hotel & Casino (3.2/5), Rampart Casino (2.9/5), Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino (2.6/5), Silverton Casino (3.2/5), Aliante Casino Hotel Spa (3.2/5), Bellagio Hotel (3.6/5), Caesars Palace (3.1/5), Ellis Island Hotel, Casino & Brewery (3.8/5), The Orleans Hotel & Casino (3.2/5), Golden Nugget (3.0/5)

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And in case you missed these videos, here are a few Handpay Jackpots from my channel: A HUGE JACKPOT: AMAZING HAN... i go to the Suncoast and win 1100 times my bet at the buffalo gold slot. Lunch buffet at Market Place Buffet - Rampart Casino Summerlin Las Vegas NV More buffets in Las Vegas: 1. Le Village Buffet at Paris Casino Las Vegas- A Buff... Hope you enjoy our walk through of the Red Rock Casino, one of the premier casinos in Summerlin. This casino is beautiful inside and out with an outdoor sho... DJI Inspire 1 4K UHD Drone Flight Over Downtown Summerlin & Red Rock Casino Resort Las Vegas Google "Smart Skeyes" to find us! This video gives you a look inside the lavish Rampart Casino in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas.As I started to video the ceiling in the main part of the cas... Play where you get more - at Rampart Casino!